Deplorables 5 Follow Up

Attribution to Michael Zimmermann – Own Work

Had to follow up on this, solely for the sake of karma. Jones testified on his own defense yesterday. His cross examination did not go as Jones hoped for. He finally had to admit that Sandy Hook was 100% real. He tried to say that he was saying this all along, but the media kept forcing the story that Jones claimed Sandy Hook never happened. No one bought it.

It came out that Jones’ lawyer had accidentally sent all of Jones texts and emails on Jones’ phone to the Sandy Hook lawyers, two weeks ago. Jones was told this yesterday. The expression on his face, when he was told about this, was priceless. He was flustered and the Sandy Hook lawyer took advantage of this. The cell phone texts showed the Jones had lied. For example, Jones claimed, that the texts on his phone contained nothing on Sandy Hook. The phone did contain texts. Jones tried to explain this away. He could not. He actually admitted that this was a Perry Mason moment.

At the end of the day, Jones now faces perjury charges. The amount of the award to the Sandy Hook parents will no doubt increase. The icing on the cake is that Jones was active in the January 6 insurrection. He gave a speech, to his adoring crowd, in DC, the night before. The January 6 Committee has now subpoened Jones’ phone. Bottom line is that Jones is in big trouble, and, with the texts, a number of people, connected to January 6, are going to be in deeper trouble than they already are. Karma.

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