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(Budapeste – Hungria, 17/02/2022) Presidente da República Jair Bolsonaro cumprimenta o Primeiro-Ministro da Hungria, Viktor Mihály Orbán. Foto: Alan Santos/PR Attribution to Palacio do Planalto from Brasilia, Brasil

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) just held their annual political conference in Dallas, Texas. As an aside, a conservative conference, called CPAC Hungary, was held in May of this year. Speakers, at that event, included, Viktor Orban, the autocratic leader of Hungary, former Trump Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows and Hungarian journalist, Zsolt Bayer. Bayer, in the past, has called Jews “stinking excrement” I think you know where this is going.

Viktor Orban, was welcomed, with open arms, at the Dallas annual conference. Like I said, he is an autocrat, with antagonistic views of immigrants and the “woke” news media. He has an iron grip on the media, in his country. He is an ally of Putin and Tucker Carlson, loves him. Kind of obvious where this is going.

He gave a speech to the conference. This was after he had a meeting with Donald Trump, at Trump’s golf course, in New Jersey. Photos, taken of that meeting, appeared to show a White House like background and simulated a top level meeting between two world leaders. Donnie, you lost the election. Deal with it.

Orban has recently been criticized for a speech, in which he said, Hungarians “do not want to become peoples of mixed race”. One of his advisors resigned after that speech, saying it was “a pure Nazi speech worthy of Goebbels”. His speech, at the Dallas conference, took a similar vein. At the Dallas conference, he called on Europe and the US to take power back from Liberals, saying that there was a “clash of civilizations”.

The Dallas conference was an election deniers dream. First of all, those not there included Ron DiSantis, Mike Pence and Nicky Haley. Those there included, Trump, of course, Mike Liondell, the MyPillow guy and Ted Cruz. Trump received a 99% approval rating and received 69% of the straw vote for President in 2024. The highlight of the conference was a person, portraying a january 6 insurrectionist, in a jail, wearing prison garb. Gets better. There was another person, outside the jail praying for the evil, that put this person in jail, to be gone. Looney tunes.

The party of Lincoln, of Reagan, of Bush is now the party of Trump. Will this backlash? I sure hope so. The mid terms will tell a story. If Trump’s power holds this will truly become “the lunatics running the asylum”.

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