Be Careful What You Wish For

Liz Cheney lost her primary election, in Wyoming, by over 30%. The three time congresswoman lost to Trump supported election denier, Harriet Hageman. Cheney won her 2020 congressional election with 73% of the vote. Wyoming itself is as red a state as one can have. The state has voted red for presidential, senate and congressional elections, it seems, as long as there has been mountains in Wyoming. Wyoming, geographically, is a landmass where the elevation is pretty high compared to sea level. For example, Laramie, Wyoming is over 7,000 feet above sea level, or 2,184 metres above sea level for you younger Canadians. The higher the sea level the lower the amount of life giving, brain sustaining oxygen. This could explain why an election denier won by such a large margin but I digress/

There was a movie back in 2018, called Vice, about Liz’s father, former Vice President, Dick Cheney. The Liz Cheney character had a role in the movie. Audiences with liberal leanings saw Liz and her father, known as Darth Vader during his time as Vice President, as villans. Liz, while serving during the Trump presidency, supported Trump near 93% of the time on congressuional votes. Liz is as conservative as one can get.

Liz was the third highest ranked republican congresswoman until she decided that she could not support Trump’s “big lie”. Come January, she will no longer be in Congress. But her story is far from over. She has now become, (anyone familiar with the Upside Down on Stranger Things?) the darling, the hero, of the left. This is wholly due to her role on the January 6 Committee.

In her concession speech, she invoked the memories of Grant and Lincoln, both who faced bitter situations and both who were President of the United States. A couple of quotes from her speech, shown below, shows her positioning herself into the role of unifier against the perceived Trump evils. Referring to both Grant and Lincoln she stated…

  “and all who fought in our nation’s tragic Civil War, including my own great-great-grandfathers, saved our union,”


 “Their courage saved freedom, and if we listen closely, they are speaking to us down through generations. We must not idly squander what so many have fought and died for.”

She summed it up as follows.

“As we leave here, let us resolve that we will stand together — Republicans, Democrats and independents — against those who would destroy our republic,”

Cheney has her eyes on a presidential run. This could be in 2024 or it could be in 2028. But it will happen, sooner or later. Politics is unpredictable. It is said that she is more conservative than her dad. Liz is against abortion and she was opposed to same sex marriage even though her sister is gay. She has since changed her stance on that issue. She could become President riding on a wave of unification. A lot of her support, if she ever won, could come from those from the left. These same people, a few years into her possible presidency, could be saying “what have we done?”. I for one would rather have her as a president than an election denier, who could destroy American democracy, as we know it. Who knows what will happen. I sure don’t.

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