So Much Gone

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This is a bar called the Whale. It used to be called the Beached Whale, years ago. Don’t know when it changed its name. It was/is, on the corner of Palermo and Estero. Estero being the main beach side road on a place that we requented, for a few years, back in the late 1990’s, before moving out West. That place is, might as well be called was, Fort Myers Beach, in Florida.

As you all likely know, Hurricane Ian, hit Southwest Florida as a Cat 4 hurricane. If you have seen picures and videos, you will know that Ian left total devastation, in the area. They are still counting the number of lives lost. Ian will, no doubt, be the costliest Florida hurricane ever.

The scenes shown on tv included gulfside shots of Fort Myers Beach. Total devastation. Though I am not certain, I am pretty sure the Whale is completely gone. Lot of happy memories of the Beached Whale. Food was great. Outside, on the patio, hearing the waves, watching football on outside tvs, $2.00 pitchers of draft, with ice coolers in them. The novelty of it all. Had hoped one day to go back. Not happening now. Went to their website this morning and it said that they were temporarily closed. Optimism.

Other locales mentioned were Naples and Sanibel Island. Naples is about 100 miles south of Fort Myers Beach. It is more of an upper class tourist town. One night we decided to splurge, at a restaurant, not caring how much we would spend. We should have cared, a bit. Streets totally underwater. Cars submerged. We went to Sanibel Island and they talk about how beautiful it is. They are right. Now, almost completely gone.

I know the phrase “thought and prayers” has some negative connotations, these days. But everyone down in those areas, as well as those who have vacation homes down there (no insurance) really need our thought and prayers annd help.

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