Can’t quit him yet I guess. Maggie Haberman interviewed Trump in September 2021, asking Trump what he was doing while the attepted insurrection was occurring at the Capitol. Trump said that he was busy at meetings and that he did not have the tv on at all. In fact he said he hardly watches tv. He claimed that he was told later in day about what was occurring. The January 6 Committee, along with other sources, brought truth to that blatant lie.

Does it stop at Trump. Nope. Not even close. Even more galling is an audio tape, released by one of the beaten Capitol officers who met, along with a fellow officer and a mother of an officer who died, with Kevin McCarthy, in June 2021. McCarthy stated that Trump did not know about the insurrection until McCarthy called him later in the afternoon of that day. That is the conversation where McCarthy begged Trump to call off the insurrectionists and Trump retorted that maybe the insurrectionists were more upset than McCarthy. McCarthy’s response was “Do you know who you are f#$@ing talking to”. Yet McCarthy blatantly lied to the officers and the mother about whatt Trump knew.

It just boggles my mind how Trumpers blindly follow and believe everything that Trump and his allies say. On a more positive note, today is our Canadian Thanksgiving day. Wishing all a happy day with friends and family.

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