Tomorrow I will try to chirp about another subject but the orange haired guy is a gift that keeps on giving. Many say that he should be in prison. But the way he is talking lately, I think the man truly needs professional help. He has gone off the deep end. It would be both funny and sad if not for the fact that Trump still carries a lot of pull with his followers who desparately believe anything that comes out of his mouth.

At his rallies now, he has taken from defending some of his past actions to bragging about them. He keeps talking about his perfect call to Zelensky, which resulted in his first impeachment. He is now bragging about another perfect call, the one he made to Georgia where he wanted 11,870 votes. He brags that a number of lawyers were on the call and they all stayed quiet because as Trump sees it, there was nothing wrong with his perfect call. He keeps saying that the election in Georgia was horrible because becaue it was so terribly rigged.

In the same rally, Trump talks about the biggest crowd he ever saw gathered No, it was not his inauguration speech. He says that the biggest crowd “that no one ever talks about” was on January 6. According to Trump, this biggest crowd had a right to be there because the election was stolen from him. He is still inciting. We are near 2023 yet he is still pushing for the 2020 election results to be overturned.

It does not end there. Not even close. Relating to the Mar-a-Lago documents, Trump talked about how Obama took documents to Chicago. Even though this has been debunked, he still keeps pushing the lie. Now he is talking about the first George Bush taking millions of documents to a Chinese restaurant and a bowling alley. Bill Clinton, Trump claims, took documents to a car dealership in Arkansas. I need to make a new category for my chirps, a “Truth is Stranger than Fiction” category. I honestly think he has gone off the deep end. What scares me is I think he actually believes what he is spewing. The scary thing is, so do his followers. He wants civil unrest. He wants whatever it takes to get himself to a place where he thinks he deserves. My parents, if still alive, would draw comparisons between Trump and a guy named Adolph back in the 1930’s.

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