Batcrap Crazy

Attribution to Manning Centre c/o: Jake Wright

Danielle Smith is the new Premier of my home province of Alberta. She is taking over from Jason Kenney who resigned as leader of the United Conservative Party (UCP) and, as such, Premier of Alberta. Smith will be facing a province wide election no later than next year.

Smith had her first press conference yesterday. To say the least she is already in deep doodoo. This is some of her words yesterday, concerning people who chose (not forced but chose) to stay unvaccinated.

“The community that faced the most restrictions on their freedoms in the last year were those that made a choice not to be vaccinated,” 

“I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a situation, in my lifetime, where a person was fired from their job or not allowed to watch their kids play hockey or not allowed to visit a loved one in long-term care or hospital or allowed to get on a plane to go across the country to see family or travel across the border.”

She then went on to say that unvaccinated Canadians “have been the most discriminated group” she has seen in her entire lifetime. Yes, she said that.

Did you hear that, Indigenous community, gay/lesbian’trangender community, immigrant community? You all have nothing on those upstanding unvaccinated people who chose to go against the science, who chose to put fellow Canadians at risk. If you want to see true discrimination, just look at those poor unvaccinated that chose to remain so. Danielle, bless your little batcrap crazy heart.

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