Donnie’s Bad Day

The January 6 Committee likely had its last hearing yesterday. Evidence came out as sourced from Trump staff/confidants, (thanks Roger Stone – thanks Steve Bannon) that Trump had decided, before the election, to turn over the results and that Trump knew he lost the election but pushed the big lie anyways. Trump knew, when he urged followers to the Capitol, that many of them were armed. The hearing showed Republican and Democrat leaders, working with Mike Pence, to end the insurrection and get the certification vote done, It showed Trump fiddling while the Capitol burned. I was watching the hearing on a cell phone at an airport. Swearing is frowned upon in public places. I know that now. Oh and Donnie was subpoened to testify. He will whine and bitch and say I will testify to clear up all this BS. But he won’t show.

But Donnie’s day had a lot more bad news in it. He loaded the Supreme Court with three choices. He counted on the Court to support his cases. He asked to Court to rule against the Special Master reviewing the classified files, found at Mar-a-Lago The Supreme Court, instead, decided not even to look at the case, basically saying “you are on your own Donnie”.

Attorney General James of New York State filed an injunction preventing the Trump Organization from moving assets in order to stop ongoing fraudulent schemes

To top off the day, an employee within Mar-a-Lago has admitted that follkowing the May Subpoena, the employee was directed by Donnie, himself, to move files from the storage room at Mar-a-Lago to Trump’s residence. Video surveillance shows the employee moving documents. If this was a Christmas movie, Trump would make the Grinch look like Mother Theresa. Trump is that despicable. How can any self respecting Republican support this guy? Trump does not deserve the book thrown at him. He needs the whole freaking library thrown at him.

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