Book Update

The slow grinding process continues. A draft copy was printed for review. There were a number spelling and grammatical errors that were not caught, so the thing had to be revised one more time. The book, in part, is about made up words When the made up word is spelled five different ways, that takes away from the consistency. So that had to be fixed. I have also gained a very personal dislike for commas. I submitted one revision and my puiblishing specialist something to the effect of (sorry Cassidy) maybe there is a whole wack of commas that you don’t really need. So after a day of comma school, I revised the revision.

Hopefully, the book should be ready for sale in December. Hopefully. I also will be connecting with a Promotion Specialist from the company publishing the book. He has already sent out a few ideas including having a blog (another one) an email account, twitter account and Instagram account reflecting the pen name “Richard Bird” Great. Again I will be making use of my techie, who is also my daughter, for this. I should let her know soon. He also mentioned book signings and readings in schools and libraries. My introverted self is screaming “NOOOOO!!!!”.

The easiest part of all this was doing the first draft of this little story. If I had only known. I will keep you all updated.

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