Boom Busted

Last night was supposed to be a big night for the Republicans. Biden’s favourability numbers are down. Mid terms always favour the party that is not holding the presidency. George Bush called the 2006 midterms a thumping. It was so bad that Hate Radio spokeman, Rush Limbaugh said disgustedly “I am no longer going to be the watercarrier for the Republican Party” That didn’t last long. In the 2010 midterms, Obama called it a shellacking. Inflation was identified as the key issue for this midterm. The election seemed to be getting traction. Biden was already set to make excuses for the certain red wave.

Even as the results started coming in, it looked like the predicted red wave was going to come to pass. The Florida results came first and both DeSantis and Rubio were winning comfortable. Little Donnie Trump jr. tweeted that it was going to be a bloodbath. Well, the red wave turned into an itty bitty trickle. Seems like abortion was almost as important as inflation. Democracy, itself, was as important an issue as inflation. Young people voted in droves. Election deniers Mastriani and Oz lost in Pennsylvania. John Fetterman, who Tucker Carlson, classy as always, called a mental defective, beat Oz. Marjorie Taylor Greene won. But, it looks like the wicked bitch of the West, Lauren Boebert, is going to lose. The trend continued throughout the country, as the night moved on. Major Republican gains never materialized.

As of now, both the House and the Senate are both in play. The Senate could again end up in a 50/50 split. The Republicans might win the House. But maybe by one or two seats, rather than the expected 20. The biggest loser of the night. Donald J. Trump. A number of his election denier choices lost. If he runs again, his main competitor is likely Ron Desantis. In the Republican Party this morning, the DeSantis profile is doing a whole lot better than Trump’s. DeSantis is becoming the new Republican golden boy. Don’t be surprised if soon Fox Propaganda (also known as Fox News) starts promoting DeSantis a whole bunch more than Trump. What a night.

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