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This is a bit of a Debbie Downer chirp. Apparently, health officials in Ontarion are beginning to sound the alarm for the need of implementing mask mandates, again. Pediatric hospitals are facing record long waits, cancelling surgeries and transferring kids to hospitals far from home. Health officials are saying that hospital capacities are, again, being pushed to the brink.

This time, it is a triple threat that is breaking out; Covid, RSV and influenza. Health officials point out to the fact that this is only November and that the peak season is still two months away. So, the concern is that if nothing is implemented now, what is the hospital situation going to look like in January?

Premier Doug Ford’s response to this is that people can wear masks, if they want. That sounds like a reasonable response. However, how many of us are wearing masks, these days. Anyone who is not can raise their hand (sheepishly raising my hand).

Right now, outside of Ontario, perhaps, this is getting little media attention. There is no ripples out here in Alberta. With our new Premier, facing a Spring election, and wanting to maintain her base, I can absolutely guarantee that she will not impose any mask mandates. There might be tent hospitals and whatever but there will be no mask mandates. There is no media attention in the US, given the fallout of the midterms. (heyTrump how is your week going?). Let’s see what happens in the next few weeks.

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