Bad Bad Week

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Donald Trump has had a real bad week. Back in 2016, he said,

 “You’re going to get tired of winning. You’re going to say, ‘Please Mr. President, I have a headache. Please, don’t win so much

Well, he did win in 2016. Since then, he lost the 2018 midterms and the 2020 election. He went full in on the 2022 midterms supporting all election deniers. A lot of them lost. The Republicans and a number of pundits predicted a red wave. It never happened. Trump is being blamed by a number of conservative media outlets. The Wall Street Journal put it this way.

“Mr. Trump has botched the 2022 elections, and it could hand Democrats the Senate for two more years. Mr. Trump had policy successes as President, including tax cuts and deregulation, but he has led Republicans into one political fiasco after another.”

It is being reported that Trump is raging. Typical of Trump he is blaming everybody but himself for the red wave that did not happen.

So why an image of Putin? Putin was gleeful when Trump won in 2016. Trump’s presidency was beyond Putin’s wildest dreams. Trump threw NATO in disarray. Trump threw America into disarray. America had January 6. What did Putin do? He attacked Ukraine. Easypeasy (sorry).

But then, Biden got the Western world and NATO together. After sanctions and military weaponry support, Russia and Putin is in trouble. But wait. Kevin McCarthy said that if Republicans won congress, there would not be any blank checks to Ukraine anymore. Putin also saw predictions of a red wave, which, when it happened, would guarantee a Trump presidency in 2024. What could go wrong? Well, there was a backlash, from both parties, on what McCarthy said. Then the red wave hit the rocks. Trump’s 2024 prospects have diminished. By 2024, he could very well be in prison.

Kherson, was captured by Russia, early in this invasion. Kherson has been recaptured by Ukraine this week. Kherson was the last Regional capital held by Russia and now the Russians have lost it. This is a huge humiliation for Putin. Putin’s actions are being openly questioned, in Russia, with increasing frequency. The G20 summit, of which is a member, will be held next week. Putin has just announced that he will not attend. A reason given is that he does not want to face world leadewrs after a string of humiliations. It is also possible that he might not want to leave because he could be deposed while he is away.

Poor Donnie – Poor Vlad.

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