Bullies Beware

By 首相官邸 – This file has been extracted from another file,.

It has been, a bad few months for bullies, in general. Donald Trump is hearing more dissension within his Republican ranks. People are no longer afraid of him as they once were. His supper get together with white supremacist Nick Fuentes, last week, at Mar-a-Lago, received universal condemnation. That, in itself, is worthy of a chirp.

Other than Trump, bullies that, only a while ago, seemed entrenched, in their authority, are facing unheard of dissension. Putin, in Russia, is being openly mocked. His own troops are sending videos to their families, bitterly complaining about their situation, in Ukraine. The Iranian regime is facing increasing protests, challenging their once iron grip, on the nation. What makes it worse, for that regime, is that they are being challenged by women and children.

The latest to feel the threat to their authority is Xi Jinping, the Chinese dictator. This might be even more shocking than the protests in Iran. Xi has been President of China since 2013. He recently acquired his third term for President, leading many to believe that he has entrenched his probability of remaining President, for life. During his tenure, as President, he has imposed internal unity through the enforcement of party discipline, by way of means such as eliminating possible contenders. Xi has increased censorship and mass surveillance, leading to increased deterioration of human rights, including the internment of one million Uyghurs.

China has operated a zero tolerance COVID policy, since 2020. Cities have been put on lockdown, when cases occur in their vicinity. They are locked in their homes, kept from circulating in public and simply isolated for months at a time. (Hey anti-vaccers, if you don’t like it here in our supposedly fascist country, move to China). There have been increasaing protests against this policy. This, in itself, would have been unheard of prior to COVID. A fire, at an apartment building, in the capital of a Western region, in China, last week, killed ten people and injured nine. Videos began circulating showing that firefighters were hampered in fighting the fire du to COVID measures that had been put in place. This was like a fuse igniting a powderkeg. Protests have exploded throughout the country, including in the major cities of Shanghai and the capital Beijing. Residents in locked down areas, where barricades had been set, tore down those barricades to mass together in protest. Protesters are calling for the end of COVID restrictions and now are calling for the stepping down of the Communist Party, of XI, himself, and are chanting for freedom. Yesterday, while it may seem trivial here, a protester was interviewed live, without any covering to hide his identity. That very action puts him at risk of harsh discipline, even death.

Bullies beware. Your time may be coming.

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