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Around a year ago, at this time, the Freedom Convoy ‘movement?’ was gaining momentum. The internet was full of convoy news items and twitter was full of convoy tweets. The city of Ottawa was paralysed for three weeks and significant border crossings such as Windsor and Coutts were closed down. Both the CBC and CTV had ongoing coverage of the protests. Sure as heck, Trudeau was going to resign for turning Canada into a fascist country where freedoms were being trampled on..

The protest movement (I’ll go with that) was going to continue. “No stopping us now” There was a convoy protest 2 scheduled for Ottawa, this February. Stealing the words of Donald Trump, “it will be wild”. Maybe Ottawa is not a good idea. We will have it in Winnipeg. Winnipeg is more central to the country and a lot of the convoyers are from out west anyways.

That fell apart, amidst infighting within the convoy organizers (leadership?) Fingers are being pointed and blame is being spread. Googled “Freedom Convoy” and all I am seeing is articles about the disarray and those articles are a month old. Searching Freedom Convoy on Twitter and its pretty quiet.

Leaders such as Tamara Lich and Pat King were both jailed for weeks without bail. Both are still facing trials. The convoyers are facing a 300 million dollar civil lawsuit. The Emergency Act inquiry was an embarrassment to convoyers who pointed fingers at others and kept saying “it was not me who organized it”. Freedom convoy lawyers are facing criminal charges. One of the lawyers is being sued for $2 million after the lawyer wrongfully identifying that a media person was waving a Nazi flag during the Ottawa protest.

There is a current news article after all. The article is about a freedom convoyer who proudly claimed that it was him waving a confederate flag during the Ottawa protests. He insists that it was not racist at all. So while the Convoyers were aiming for “snap, crackle, pop” (sorry) they ended up with fizzle.

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