Sacrificial Lamb?

From Guardian news site – Source Fox News

This is Suzanne Scott. She is currently the CEO of Fox News. Stressing the word ‘currently’. Fox News is the crown jewel of Chairman Rupert Murdoch’s Fox Corporation empire. Fox News is currently facing a $1.6 Billion law suit from Dominion Voting Systems. Recent court filings shows that profit and greed took precedence over accurately reporting Trump’s big lie. Simpler terms, Fox News entertainers lied to their audience knowing full well they were lying.

Murdoch, to protect his disintegrating legacy will, likely, fire Scott. Murdoch biographer, David Folkenflik states that,

“They’re leading a trail of crumbs that lead back to her office,”

Murdoch is already distancing himself from Scott by saying,

“I appointed Ms. Scott to the job … and I delegate everything to her”.

Murdoch has sacrificed Fox News staff before including then CEO, Roger Ailes, and former Fox entertainer, Bill O’Reilly, both embroiled in sex scandals. Ironically, Scott, who replaced Ailes, was credited with restoring Fox News’ credibility.

Folkenflik adds,

“If he threw [Scott] over, he would only do it because he thought he needed to cauterize the wound before it goes higher. That’s his record. That’s what he does. It can be editors. It can be executives. It can be stars. He’s not throwing himself over the side.”

The thing is, this wound may be too big to cauterize.

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