For Pete’s Sake

Please feel free to substitute any word that comes to mind for the word ‘Pete’s’. Here goes. Donald Trump and 20 inmates, who were jailed for their participation in the January 6 insurrection, released a song last night. I kid you not.

Trump, a few weeks back, recorded the Pledge of Allegiance. The inmates, calling themselves the J6 Prison Choir, accompanied Trump’s recording by singing the Star Spangled Banner. The title of the song, which runs a bit over two minutes, is called ‘Justice for All’.

The proceeds are supposed to go to the families of those imprisoned due to their January 6 actions. Supposed to. With Trump, you never know. Collaborators on this song are former Trump official Kash Patel and former Fox newsman, Ed Henry Henry was fired from Fox, following accusations of rape. Henry has set up a community page, carrying the song, where Trumpkins can join for the low price of only $10. I apologize for inflicting this information on you.

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