Murdoch Held Hostage

Watching opening day baseball yesterday on tv and started flipping channels. Turn on to CNN and the crawler underneath shows “TRUMP INDICTED”. So much for watching baseball. CNN and MSNBG going into near orgasmic state wall-to-wall coverage on this news, for the next few hours. On Fox Entertainment, when the news is announced, there was a gasp in the studio. The news commentator looked stunned.

The news was stunning in that it had been reported that the New York Grand Jury was not going to address the Trump issue this week and that they were going to take most of April off. It was speculated that no indictment was going to occur. Trump, on his Truth Social, only yesterday, praised the Grand Jury, given his belief that he was not going to be indicted. He was stunned by the news and has gone on a tweet rampage, ever since.

Rupert Murdoch’s various media outlets, in his empire, have been kind of wishy-washy on Trump, over the last couple of months. Trump had been complaining that outlets, such as Fox, had been rival, Trump rival, Ron DeSantis, too much airtime lately. This is what Trump has said about Murdoch, lately.

“MAGA Hating Globalist RINO … aiding & abetting the DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA.”

After the indictment, these same media outlets went on full-support mode for Trump. The following are just some of the quotes made by the Fox primetime entertainers last night,

“Third world tactics – Police state – Political persecution and election interference.”

The Wall Street Journal, another Murdoch outlet, stated the following,

“There is no doubt that Mr. Bragg is doing what most Democrats want. They want Mr. Trump in the dock and at the center of the political debate. Even if he’s not convicted, they figure the indictment and spectacle will help him become the Republican nominee. They think he is the easiest candidate to beat because he motivates Democrats and divides Republicans and independents.”

Actually, the above statement is pretty accurate. Democrats do consider this as a gift. But, why this full-throated support for Trump. Trump’s poll numbers, in Republican circles, has gone up in the last few weeks. Fox, is also, still recovering from the early post-election days when they were leaning towards accurately reporting that Trump had indeed lost the 2020 election. Their viewers left them in droves. Fox had to go on the election conspiracy train to get these viewers back from Newsmax and OAN.

The Fox audience is basically a Trump audience. Fox will do anything and everything to retain this audience. The Dominion lawsuit is evidence of that.

Trump has this habit of destroying those who have supported him. For example, a number of former and current Trump lawyers are now needing lawyers themselves. Michael Cohen has even done time for the activities he did while representing Trump. Rupert Murdoch and his empire, including Fox, could very well be one of Trump’s future casualties.

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