Loony Bin

By [1] – Laura Loomer Calls Out Anti-Semitic Squad, CC BY 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=129243490

This is Laura Loomer. Up until yesterday morning, Donald Trump had wanted to hire her on to play a role in his Presidential campaign. Laura Loomer is a far-right anti-Mulsim bigoted activist..

Some details about Ms. Loomer, who was an attendee at Trump’s post-arrest Mar-a-Lago gathering, last Tuesday. Laura has run for congress twice and failed both times. She has described Islam as a cancer and celebrated the drowning of migrants crossing the Mediterranean. She has been barred from Lyft and Uber for making bigoted comments about Muslim drivers. On twitter she called for ‘a non-Islamic form of Uber and Lyft’. I could go on but the following quote, pretty well sums her yup.

“Someone asked me, ‘Are you pro-white nationalism?’ Yes. I’m pro-white nationalist. But there’s a difference between white nationalism and white supremacy. Right? And a lot of liberals and left-wing globalist Marxist Jews don’t understand that. So this country really was built as the white Judeo-Christian ethnostate, essentially. Over time, immigration and all these calls for diversity, it’s starting to destroy this country.”

Trump started noticing Loomer after she started making anti-Ron DeSantis videos. To show how despicable Laura is, she stated that DeSantis and his wife, a breast cancer survivor, were playing the ‘cancer card’. This is the woman who Trump wanted on his campaign. Fortunately, for Trump, his advisors told him that Laura was just a little bit too extreme, and Trump would face a backlash if he hired Loomer. So Trump did remove her from consideration. Loomer did not leave quietly though.

“The president knows I have always been a Trump loyalist. And that I’m committed to helping him win re-election in 2024. He likes me very much. And it’s a shame that he’s surrounded by some people that run to a publication (New York Times) that is notorious for attacking him in order to try to cut me at the knees instead of being loyal to President Trump and respecting their confidentiality agreements.”

This is Trump world.

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