I Hate New York

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Donald Trump, on the day he was arraigned, had supporters across the street from the courthouse, where he was arrested. New York, with its boroughs, imcluding Queens and the Bronx, had over 600,000 people vote for the Trump, in 2020. Trump called for protests to show up on the day of his arrest. While 600,000 New Yorkers voted for him, less than 100 showed up in support. Two of the motley crew were five-time Academy Award winner and seven-time Super Bowl champion George Santos, as well as, Marjorie Taylor Greene (MTG).

MTG had tweeted out, last week that she would show up and she did. She was probably expecting a hero’s welcome with a devoted crown fawning over every word she spoke. This is New York city, honey.

Trump organizers, for some reason, decided to hand out whistles. So here comes MTG. Jostled into an unfriendly crowd. With bullhorn in hand, she tries to give a short rallying speech. She tried. She was drowned out by the heckling. She was also drowned out by the whistles that the anti-Trump protesters had gotten their hands on. After her short speech, she was hustled back to her car, heckled and jostled the entire time. All-in-all she was there for less the ten minutes.

MTG complained bitterly on Fox Entertainment shows that day, including Tucker Carlson’s show.

“I compared it to what I called Gotham City. The streets are filthy, they’re covered with people basically dying on drugs. They can’t even stand up. They’re falling over. There’s so much crime in the city. I can’t comprehend how people live there.”

“You see, they didn’t want me to be able to protest and use my first amendment right. And they wanted violence. I think they wanted that to happen, because they want to repeat January 6 all over again, want all of us Trump supporters, Maga, basically Republicans and just good Americans to look like criminals, and that’s what they do in communist countries.”

Say, what?

She was pissed She was so pissed, that Tucker, with Fox based in New York had to say, after further New York bashing by MTG,

“Yeah, with some nice people. I will say that.”

MTG is like her hero, Trump, who bashed Baltimore a few years back. An MSNBC commentator noted that if Democrats ever went to MTG’s home district and bashed that district, the way MTG bashed New York, Republicans would have been calling for expulsion.

As to what happened to George Santos that day. Do you really care? Well, he flew into the courthouse. Rescued Donnie. Snuck him into Brazil, where they are currently doing drag shows.

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