Own Worst Enemy

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The E. Jean Carroll trial is nearing its conclusion. The judge has given Trump until the end of Sunday to inform the judge whether he will testify or not. The trial included a video of an hour length deposition that Trump had, last October. After seeing that deposition, Trump’s lawyers are most likely begging him NOT to take the stand. This will be a long chirp because I will be using the actual transcript to show how Trump is his own worst enemy. My description of the transcript would not do justice.

Trump was asked about the ‘grab em by the…” comment he made on that infamous tape.

“Well, I guess if you look over the last million years, that’s been largely true—not always true, but largely true, unfortunately or fortunately.”

Yep. Women have been allowing stars to grab their private parts for the last million years. Million years? He could not help himself by adding ‘unfortunately of fortunately’. If you watch the tape you will see that he paused, before he added those last three words. He thought about it and he said it anyways.

Ever since the rape accusation came out, Trump has denied that it happened. He keeps repeating that Carroll is not his type. Regarding the transcript below, Kaplan is Carroll’s lawyer and she is deposing Trump.

KAPLAN: One of the other things that you said about Ms. Carroll at the time appears in your June 24 statement, which is DJT 22. And what you said there is, “I’ll say it with great respect. Number one, she’s not my type.” When you said that Ms. Carroll was not your type, you meant that she was not your type physically, right?

TRUMP: I saw her in a picture. I didn’t know what she looked like. And I said it, and I say it with as much respect as I can, but she is not my type.

KAPLAN: I take it the three women you’ve married are all your type?

TRUMP: Yeah.

So. E. Jean Carroll is not his type. The image above is Marla Maples, Trump’s second wife. The following transcript is priceless. Habba is Trump’s lawyer

KAPLAN: You have in front of you a black and white photograph that we’ve marked as DJT 23. And I’m going to ask you, is this the photo that you were just referring to?

TRUMP: I think so, yes.

KAPLAN: And do you recall when you first saw this photo?

TRUMP: At some point during the process, I saw it. That’s I guess her husband, John Johnson, who was an anchor for ABC, nice guy, I thought, I mean, I don’t know him but I thought he was pretty good at what he did. I don’t even know who the woman. Let’s see, I don’t know who — it’s Marla.

KAPLAN: You’re saying Marla’s in this photo?

TRUMP: That’s Marla, yeah. That’s, that’s my wife.

KAPLAN: Which woman are you pointing to?


HABBA: No, that’s Carroll.

TRUMP: [inaudible] Oh I see.

KAPLAN: The person you just pointed to is E. Jean Carroll.

TRUMP: Who’s that, who’s this?

HABBA: [inaudible] That’s your wife.

KAPLAN: And the person, the woman on the right is your then-wife –.

TRUMP: I don’t know, this was the picture. I assume that’s John Johnson. Is that –.

HABBA: That’s Carroll.

TRUMP: — Carroll, because it’s very blurry.

So ‘not my type’ Trump mistook Carroll for his second wife, Marla Maples and he did not recognize his first wife, Ivana. He is a keeper.

One last quote is when he lost his cool and part of the quote includes him attacking Carroll’s lawyer.

KAPLAN: Okay, then you go on to say in the statement, “And while I’m not supposed to say it, I will.” Why were you not supposed to say it?

TRUMP: Because it’s not politically correct to say — read the next, go ahead, that she’s not my type. Yeah, because it’s not politically correct to say it, and I know that, but I’ll say it anyway. She’s accusing me of rape. A woman that I have no idea who she is. It came out of the blue. She’s accusing me of rape, of raping her. The worst thing you can do, the worst charge. And, and you know, you know it’s not true too. You’re a political operative also. You’re, you’re a disgrace. But she’s accusing me, and so are you, of rape, and it never took place. And I will tell you, I made that statement. And I said, well, it’s politically incorrect. She’s not my type. And that’s 100% true. She’s not my type.

I really do want him to testify. But is not going to happen. He faces a number of other potential court cases though. Sooner or later, he will, against his lawyers’ wishes, take the stand. And, taking a line from an old Star Trek show ‘it will be glorious’.

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