World of Hurt

Yesterday was one of those days where the hits kept on coming. The day began with Donald Trump being found liable for sexual abuse and defamation. His nightmare, E. Jean Carroll, the woman who is not his type, but who he mistook for his second wife, Marla Maples, was awarded $5 million in damages. So, Donald and his trumpkins are in a world of hurt, anger and self-denial.

There is George Santos, who will be indicted, as soon as today. Santos, the ten-time NFL MVP, five time Academy Award winner and so on has been in a world of hurt ever since he won his election to congress all of six months ago. Its all downhill from here George. You might to pawn off your 17 Super Bowl rings.

The Southern US border is going to be in a worse world of hurt than it already is. Title 42 will end tomorrow night. One of my first chirps was about this topic. The response to the chirp was crickets. Google it as to what it actually is. Migrants were expelled 2.8 million times while this Trump era policy was in place. Even Joe Biden has said that when this policy lapses, there will be chaos for the first few days. The flood of migrants will be similar to what Noah experienced.

Then there is the US and the rest of us. Joe Biden met with Senate and Congress leaders yesterday over the upcoming debt ceiling drop dead date. It ended with Joe Biden and Kevin McCarthy basically calling each other liars. Secretary of Treasury, Janet Yellen, stated that if the US defaults on its bills, it would be an economic disaster. Of course, this would have world wide ramifications.

Last but not least, is Twitter. The level of disinformation is stunning. Right wingers, despite evidence to the exact opposite, have labelled the shooter in Allen, Texas as a left-wing illegal immigrant. He was born in Dallas. He had nazi insignias on his body. There is the E. Jean Carroll case, where she is being labelled a scheming liar by the Trumpkins. To top off the day, Tucker Carlson indicated that he will resume his show on the Twitter platform.

It is like Tuesday said, if you thought the previous days were wild, hold my beer.

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