What Were They Thinking

For some reason, CNN thought it would be a good idea to air a Town Hall with Donald Trump. The Town Hall was held in New Hampshire with the audience composed of Trump voters and undecided Republican voters. It was moderated by Kaitlan Collins.

In the leadup to the airing the Twitterverse was ablaze with comments, along the lines of ‘why would CNN give this serial liar a platform’. Good question. The entire session was Trump at his Pinocchio best. I turned it on at the very beginning of the session and Trump started lying right away about the 2020 election. I turned it immediately back to the hockey game. Trump did lie throughout the session and was insulting as well. For example he called Nancy Pelosi a crazy woman, E. Jean Carroll a whack job, Mike Pence a human conveyor belt (huh?) and the Capital Police officer who shot Ashli Babbit a thug. Meanwhile he called Putin a smart man and boasted that he would end the Russian/Ukraine war in 24 hours.

Collins did try to hold Trump to account.

“The election was not rigged, Mr. President. You cannot keep saying that all night long.”

But he did anyways. Jake Tapper, of CNN, following the event stated ,

“We don’t have enough time to fact-check every lie he told,” 

It was that bad. The Trumpkins on Twitter, loved the event, praising Trump and mocking Collins. The following two tweets made by news commentators sum up the feelings of the media.

“The predictably disastrous [CNN] town hall was indeed disastrous. Proving again: Live lying works. A friendly MAGA crowd consistently laughs, claps at Trump’s punch lines – including re sex assault and Jan 6 – and the moderator cannot begin to keep up with the AR-15 pace of lies.”

“This is CNN’s lowest moment as an organization,” 

If CNN won the hour last night in tv ratings it was because of all the Trumpkins who tuned in watch, instead of watching Fox or Newsmax. Many CNN regular viewers boycotted the event. To sum it up, I will use one of Trump’s favorite words. The entire event and CNN’s decision to ait it was a ‘disgrace’.

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