Who Loved It?

Now that the dust has settled from the Town Hall, the other night, it is appropriate to take a quick look at who loved the Town Hall.

Trump himself loved it. He has been crowing about it ever since. His loyal Trumpkins loved it. Just need to look at Twitter to see that. CNN loved it for their high ratings, although many working for the network and many of their regular viewers were not at all pleased. Surprisingly, many Republicans, in Washington expressed their feelings of unhappiness, with Donnie, or they just stayed quiet.

There are others who loved it as well. The following quote is from MSNBC contributor Glenn Kirschner,

“Somebody probably should have pulled Donald Trump aside and said, ‘you know, sport, you have the right to remain silent. Donald Trump gave prosecutors and plaintiffs some directly incriminating and actionable evidence.”

Fani Willis, the DA in Georgia loved it. Trump pretty well said that the election in Georgia was rigged and that he was just asking for votes that he was owed. Jack Smith loved it when Trump said that he had every right to take the classified documents and he could show them to others if he wanted to. E. Jean Carroll loved it when he called her a whack job, because she might very well sue Trump again for defamation. Biden loved it when Trump hemmed and hawed on who he wanted to win the war, in Ukraine, when he said Putin was a smart man and when he would said he would release the January 6 protesters jailed.

All in all, it turned out to be a pretty good day for American democracy, after all.

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