Fox vs. Bird

Attribution to Twitter – Github, Apache License 2.0

Just a short chirp today. Ron DeSantis used the Twitter platform to announce his candidacy for President. It was not that long ago that he would used Fox Entertainment, for his platform. This is on the heels of Tucker Carlson announcing that he would be using the Twitter platform for his daily show.

Elon Musk controls Twitter Musk has announced that he will be supporting DeSantis. Tucker Carlson, despite his last fawning interview, of Trump, was caught stating that he hates Trump. Despite Fox’s love hate relationship with Trump, they know then need to continue supporting Trump or lose more of the Trumpkin audience to networks that are more extreme-right, than Fox. Fox’s audience ratings are sinking.

Trump, following the DeSantis announcement has gone into another Truth Social post rage attacking DeSantis. DeSantis will become more of a credible threat, as time goes on. Fox, as well, has to be worried. Their audience is being splintered away. Will more Presidential candidates start using the Twitter platform? We will see.

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