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The image says it all. Fox has gone crackers

Trump gave a speech at his Bedminster golf course resort following his arrest earlier in the day. At the same time, President Biden was giving a speech at an event in the White House Fox showed a live split screen with the caption underneath.

Fox was the only channel to carry the speech. CNN, as per Jake Tapper, did not for the following reason

“Honestly, (Trump) says a lot of things that are not true and sometimes are potentially dangerous.” 

MSNBC’s reasoning was,

“There is a cost for us, as a news channel, to deliberately broadcast false things. We’re here to inform (not) relay what we know is going to be a litany of lies and false accusations.

Even with the ‘wannabe dictator’ caption, Fox is cracking from within. There are a number of quotes from Fox guests over the past days admitting that Trump is in trouble. Bill Barr literally destroyed Trump on Fox’s Sunday morning news program. However, the most notable quote eas from Fox legal analyst and Trump apologist, Jonathan Turley.

“There are some indictments that are just bare-bones, this is not. It’s overwhelming in detail. The Trump team should not fool itself, these are hits below the water line.” 

All I got for today.

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