Pardon Me

The Republican National Committee (RNC) is making a requirement that all losing Republican Primary candidates pledge their loyalty to the winning candidate. This is already getting flack from candidates running for President with the leading voice being Chris Christie.

“And by the way, in all my life, we never had to have Republican primary candidates take a pledge. You know, we were Republicans. And the idea is you’d support the Republican whether you won or whether you lost. And you didn’t have to ask somebody to sign something. It’s only the era of Donald Trump that you need somebody to sign something on a pledge. So I think it’s a bad idea.”

Christie added that he will take the pledge as seriously as Trump did in 2016. Even Trump is dismissive of the idea.

“There are probably people that I wouldn’t be very happy about endorsing who are running, so we’ll see.”

But while Donnie is somewhat dismissive of a loyalty pledge, he does have a specific demand. Donnie wants a guarantee that if he is not the winning Republican Primary candidate, that whoever the winner is, will pardon him if he is convicted of whatever numerous crimes he has committed (sorry, allegedly committed). In other words, it has been made clear to candidates that they must,

“…promise to pardon the Donald—or else.”

It is kind of a devious trap play on Donnie’s part. The Republicans, particularly in the House, have claimed that Trump is being victimized by a weaponized Department of Justice (DOJ). So, competing candidates either agree with Trump on this and guarantee a pardon or be seen to side with Biden and a supposedly weaponized DOJ. There will be some candidates who will trip over themselves promising a pardon, while others will walk a thin line with comments such as ‘it is premature to discuss’. Pence made such a comment.

This is just added incentive for the Democrats to pull out all stops in winning the 2024 Presidential election and put the US out of its misery with Trump behind bars.

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