Will Be Missed

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Last week I was in British Columbia, visiting my daughter. woke up one morning and started perusing the internet. Saw a news report that Bell Media in a budget saving move was shutting down a number of radio stations. went down the list and saw that one of the stations was CFRN, best known as TSN1260. went to the station on the internet and all they had was a repeating message saying that it had gone off the air. Apparently Bell Media shut it down, without warning right in the middle of the Nielsen morning show. It did not really hit home until I got home and turned on my clock radio (yes, I still have one) in the morning and all I got was static.

CFRN adopted an all sports format, back in 2002. Back then it was known as Team1260. It was bought out in 2013 and became TSN1260. It became part of my morning routine. I would wake up in the morning, listen to it while perusing the internet on my phone. The Nielsen show was not just all sports, but it had comedy too. It had the 6 oclockers acknowledging those of us who listened in the 6 a.m. to 7 a.m. spot. During basketball season it would have Jack Armstrong (HELLOOO!!), colour commentator for the Toronto Raptors, with his quirky brand of humour discussing the fortunes of the Raptors. It various out takes (MY WIFE could). Of course, there was Renee, the hottie from Saskatchewan (you had to be there).

TSN1260 was the only all sports station in Edmonton. Bell Media had previously cut Western Canada stations before it, specifically TSN stations in Winnipeg and Vancouver. Somehow, TSN stations in the East are still on. All I got to say about the East/West divide.

So now, when I get up in the morning and peruse the net I listened to canned classic rock. Not even close to the same. TSN1260 you will be missed Sure could use a conch right about now.

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