Donnie! Shush!

Attribution to Gage Skidmore from Peoria, Arizona

Special Counsel, Jack Smith, had another good day on Monday, while lawyers for Donald Trump, trying to keep him out of prison, did not. Trump was interviewed by Fox Entertainment’s Bret Baier. Baier, imitating Chris Wallace, when Wallace was on Fox, actually posed some hardball questions to Trump. Trump was taken aback, being used to softball questions from Fox entertainers, such as Hannity and Carlson, when Carlson was at Fox.

Baier challenged Trump on a number of issues such as the results of the 2020 election. The doozy of the interview was when Baier asked Trump why he did not return all the documents when he was subpoenaed to do so. Trump’s response was as follows,

“Because I had boxes — I want to go through the boxes and get all my personal things out. I don’t want to hand that over to NARA yet. And I was very busy, as you’ve sort of seen … I’ve been very, very busy … [So] before I send boxes over, I have to take all of my things out. These boxes were interspersed with all sorts of things — golf shirts, clothing, pants, shoes. There were many things.”

Of course, such a reasonable response. Who doesn’t have golf shirts and shoes mixed in with nuclear secrets and invasion plans? He also repeated the claim that all the documents were declassified, even though he is caught on tape admitting that they were not. Also, Donnie is a very busy man, with all the golf dates and such.

Trump naturally thought the interview went great. Others were not too impressed. Ty Cobb, Trump’s former White House lawyer stated,

“It was a disaster, if you are his lawyer. And they’ll have more of those, because they won’t be able to keep him quiet.… Trump gave the government an enormous gift [in that Fox interview], and they will be able to use what he said to assist them in proving the former president’s intent as to virtually all the charges in the Mar-a-Lago indictment.”

Brit Hume, a top Fox commentator was even more scathing,

“I will say a couple of things, one thing is his answer on the matters of the law seem to me to verge on incoherent. He seemed to be saying that the documents were really his and that he didn’t give them back when he was requested to do so and when they were subpoenaed because, you know, he wasn’t ready to because he hadn’t sorted them and separated the classified information or whatever from his golf shirts, whatever he was saying.”

Incoherent. Trump’s lawyers, those who have not yet fled his sinking ship, are practically begging him to stay quiet. That is not going to happen. The fun continues.

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