Much Ado

Attribution to Dwight McCann

A short chirp today. Two items that hit the airwaves, this week, which created an uproar but, in reality, is much ado about nothing.

A bag of white powder was found in the White House. The White House was temporarily locked down, while a determination was made as to what the powder was. Turned out to be cocaine. Republicans went full insane. How did it get snuck in? who did it belong to? It must be Hunter Biden. A full investigation must be launched.

Turns out the coke was found in a cubbyhole near the West Executive entrance. The area is a heavily trafficked (no pun intended) area. The area is trafficked by VIP’s, visitors, tourists, staff members, military officers and employees. It could have been anybody. It could even have been a Republican plant.

The second event that happened this week, relates to Taylor Swift’s Eras world tour. Swift will be a visiting a number of countries, but, so far, Canada is not on the list. Prime Minister Trudeau sent a tweet on his site.

“It’s me, hi. I know places in Canada would love to have you. So, don’t make it another cruel summer. We hope to see you soon.”

Well, you woulda thunk the world had just ended. Conservatives were up in arms. While Trudeau is ruining the country all he is thinking about is getting Swift to Canada. There is also a train of thought saying that Swift is snubbing Trudeau. For goodness sakes, it was one short tweet.

People need to get lives.

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