The West Wing of the White House contains the Oval Office, the Cabinet Room and the Situation Room. On Decembr 18, 2020, it was the centerpiece of one of the craziest meetings in White House history.

The meeting lasted six hours. It started in the Oval Office and ended in Donald Trump’s private residence. Yesterday’s chirp mentioned that Republicans were upset about cocaine being snuck into the White House. The meeting on december 18 started when a junior staffer snuck in Sydney Powell, Rudy, Mike Flynn and others into the West Wing. The meeting occurred four days after the electors from all 50 states had confirmed Joe Biden as President-elect. as per Jamie Raskin, Democrat House Member, from Maryland,

“The meeting has been called unhinged, not normal, and the craziest meeting of the Trump presidency.”

At times during the meeting, attendees had to be restrained from literally coming to blows. The meeting was to discuss a proposed executive order to have the military seize voting machines in key states that Trump had lost. Once White House lawyers caught wind of the meeting they literally ran to attend the meeting. It ended up being a meeting between team crazy and team normal.

The following are some of the quotes that were revealed during a January 6 Committee hearing that gives the flavour of the meeting.

Sydney Powell, part of team crazy was not impressed at how quickly the White House lawyers showed up.

“I bet Pat Cipollone set a new land speed record.”

Pat Cipollone, for his part, was not impressed with the team crazy attendees.

“First of all, the Overstock person, I didn’t know who this guy was. Actually, the first thing I did, I walked in, I looked at him and I said, ‘Who are you?’ And he told me. I don’t think any of these people were providing the president with good advice and I didn’t understand how they had gotten in.”

Derek Lyons, former White House Staff Secretary, recounted that both groups were,

shouting at each other, throwing insults at each other — it wasn’t just sort of people sitting around a couch chit-chatting.”

Team crazy argued that Venezuela had meddled with the election. Pat Cippolone pushed back, asking where was the proof. Rudy, in his testimony, thought that Team Normal were not challenging the results of the election to the level he thought they should be. He thought they were pussies. Sydney Powell questioned the integrity of the judges. White Lawyer Eric Herschman, thought this was crazy, recounting his discussion with Powell, as follows,

“I’m like — ‘Every one? Every single case in the country you guys lost? Every one of them is corrupt? Even the ones we appointed?’ I’m being nice, I was much more harsh to her.”

As the night wore on, team crazy discussed the idea of appointing Powell as Special Counsel to investigate the election results. Team normal exploded on this and shot it down. After the meeting Trump posted his infamous tweet telling his supporters to be there on January 6 and that it would be wild.

So why this chirp now, over a meeting that happened over two years ago. Jack ‘Wolverine’ Smith is now investigating it. His grand jury have interviwed attendees including Rudy and Sydney Powell. Anticipate this meeting getting a lot more air play in the days to come.

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