Cognitive Dissonance

Some things just boggle my mind. Trump is selling himself as being great for the economy. Worse, is the fact that people are buying it. This is a guy who has declared bankruptcy numerous times. He has a history of failed businesses. Trump University. Trump Steaks. He managed to fail casino in Atlantic City. How do you do that. At the end of his term, as President, the economy was in shambles, with unemployment over 10% and he added at least $7 trillion to the debt. Yet he is rated higher on the economy that Biden. Under Biden, the unemployment rate is under 4% and the inflation rate is down to 3%. He has managed to do this without a recession that most economists predicted.

Trump said that he would drain the swamp. Trumpkins believe this. They believe this even though people associated with Trump have faced more indictments than any other President in history, including Nixon. Trump himself is a swamp quagmire, having already being indicted twice and facing at least two more, in the immediate future. He has also lost a lawsuit where it was determined that he committed sexual assault.

One last thing. Over the weekend he said that he would end the war, in Ukraine, in 24 hours. He said he knows Zelensky and Putin, very well. He would tell Zelensky just to stop and he would Putin to pull back or else face the might of the United States military. Actually, he was not that eloquent. He said he would hit Putin with a lot. This is the same guy who got indicted for threatening to not supply Ukraine with weapons until Ukraine investigated the Bidens. Yet people believe him.

I really don’t understand.

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