See The Difference?

Sourced from Yahoo News website – Instagram photo

Just a very short chirp today. Mitch McConnell froze in front of the cameras yesterday. He stopped speaking in mid-speech for 23 seconds before he was led off. It was a scary incident. He returned to the podium 12 minutes later to say that he was ok. It is reported that McConnell, age 81, has fallen a few times this year. The Democrat reaction to this was concern. Joe Biden called McConnell to see how he was doing. Even on the Twitterverse where McConnell is often times mocked. There was very little, if any, mocking over the incident. As per one tweet, the poster basically said that he usually would make memes but this was too serious to do so.

Last year, just before Halloween, Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi, was attacked by a person, with a hammer, in the Pelosi home. Pelosi suffered serious head injuries and was hospitalized for a period time. The above Instagram post was made by Donald Trump Jr. Paul Pelosi was mocked by a number of people on the Right.

I will just leave it there.

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