The Upside Down

If you ever watched ‘Stranger Things’ you will be familiar with ‘The Upside Down’. It is a dark parallel universe, ‘Twilight Zone’ in nature, existing underneath/alongside an Indiana town. Well, the Republican Party is going through its own version of ‘The Upside Down’. right now

Donald Trump is currently facing 74 felony counts. He has been indicted twice and faces two more within the next few days. He lost a lawsuit for defamation by a victim who claimed she was sexually abused by Trump, where Trump was ordered to $5 million. Yet he is far ahead in the race to be the next Republican candidate for President of the United States.

There was a Republican dinner, in Iowa, last night. There were 13 candidates for President, including Trump, who each gave ten-minute speeches. Now, in the universe of reality, the 12 candidates, not named Trump, would have been all over Trump for his legal troubles. But the dinner last night was held in the universe of ‘The Upside Down’. All the candidates, except one, skirted around Trump’s legal troubles. The only one who addressed it was Will Hurd, former Republican congressman, from Texas, who is way down in the polls.

“Donald Trump is not running for president to make America great again. Donald Trump is not running for president to represent the people that voted for him in 2016 and 2020. Donald Trump is running to stay out of prison.”

The crowded responded with a series of boos and jeers.

Trump was the last candidate to speak. He was greeted with a standing ovation and received constant applause throughout the speech. The Republicans are mired deep in the universe of ‘The Upside Down’.

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