One Request

You might not be familiar with this face now, but you will. This is Judge Tanya S. Chutkan. She has been appointed as the judge to oversee Donald trump’s January 6 insurrection trial. She was nominated, by Barak Obama, to be the judge of the US District Court for the District of Columbia, in 2013. the nomination was approved, by the Senate, in 2014 by a count of 95-0. Judge Chutkan was the judge who sentence Russian spy and NRA supporter, to 18 months for conspiring to be an unregistered agent of the Russian government. She also denied Donald Trump’s request to keep records from being released to the January 6 Committee.

The reaction to the indictment yesterday has been predictable, mostly going along party and tv viewer lines. Those watching CNN and MSNBC approve of the indictment and those watching Fox entertainment oppose the indictment. For those approving the indictment, Rachel Maddow of MSNBC put it best. She basically said that history will judge not how the US got to a point that a President was indicted. History will ask how this specific person ever got to be elected President.

There are two opposite realities in play, right now. The actual reality of CNN and MSNBC and an alternate universe over at Fox. This is evident by a poll released in the last couple of days showing a 50/50 split as to whether Biden or Trump will win the 2024 election.

Therefore, I and I am sure, millions of us who live in the real world have a solitary request of Judge Chutkan. Ensure that this trial to come is televised live. There will be reporters in the room, during the trial. If it is not televised live, these reporters, at the end of each day, will report on that day, knowing the tv audience that they are reporting to. The viewers of Fox will get a completely different version of the day’s events than the viewers of other networks. If Trump receives a guilty verdict without a live proceeding of the trial, Fox viewers will believe that the trial was a sham, the judge biased and so on.

The trial needs to be televised live. The talking heads at night could spout their views, but, viewers of all networks will be able to see and judge for themselves, the day’s events.

Please make it happen Judge Chutkan.

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