Just(in) No

Attribution to Andrew Parsons/A.F. Images

The image above is from the G7 summit back in 2019. I don’t know if Canada is, but I was surprised and kind of saddened at the news that Trudeau and Sophie Gregoire have separated after 18 years of marriage. On twitter the trolls are already out. Sickening. But, also on twitter, the image above is being posted far and wide. Of course, by those who are not that fond of Trump.

The sad thing is, Justin is a public figure. Back in the 1970’s before Pierre Trudeau got married, the media, of the day, was abuzz with who Pierre might be dating. Rumors included notables such as Barbara Streisand. Justin may very well face the same media scrutiny now. Along with the above image there are also images floating around of Ivanka Trump gazing ‘fondly’ at Justin. All I can say is that, if a divorce follows, Trudeau can do far better than either Melania or Ivanka. My hope is that Justin and Sophie get back together.

This will be my one and only foray into this kind of stuff. Moving on.

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