Where is Mark?

Trump’s latest indictment document mentioned 6 unidentified co-conspirators working with Trump to overturn the 2020 election results. Though unidentified it was easy to discern who these were, except for the sixth person.. Those easy to identify include Rudy, Sydney and John Eastman. The sixth one appears to be Epshteyn.

However, significantly, Mark Meadows, who was Trump’s Chief of Staff, was not identified as a co-conspirator. As per former Trump lawyer, Michael Cohen,

“I think the more important thing in this indictment to look at are not who the six co-conspirators are, but rather, who is missing from this indictment.”

Meadows, as Chief of Staff, was by Trump’s side for everything that went on during the lead-up to January 6. The fact that he is not identified, as a co-conspirator, is leading many to believe that Meadows will be a cooperating government witness. If that is the case, trump is essentially dead meat.

Cohen did not stop at Meadows though. He added the name Jared Kushner.

You see nothing of Jared Kushner. Jared Kushner was the secretary of everything. How is it possible that he is not listed here? He was there. He was on Donald’s lap the entire time from the day Donald entered the White House to the day that he left.”

Furthermore, when Cohen was asked whether Kushner would throw trump under the bus, Cohen responded,

“Oh, in a heartbeat. Do you think Jared is any different than Donald? Do you think that Donald wouldn’t throw Jared under the bus in order to save himself? The answer is an emphatic yes.”

Talk about piling on. Trump seemed agitated at the arraignment hearing. First of all he was not happy that he had to sit and stew in the courtroom for 20 minutes before the judge showed up. When asked his name, he had trouble getting his name out. When asked his age he invented a new number ‘seven seven’.

The cascade of legal woes, for Trump, is obviously preying on his mind. His Truth Social posts are getting less coherent by the day. There is at least one more indictment coming, that being in Georgia.

Interesting also to note that Melania has not been at his side for any of the indictments.

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