Stop The Insanity

Many years back, a New Years Day tradition was the Rose Bowl, where the champions of the PAC10, would play the champions of the BIG10. In NCAA basketball you had traditional BIG EAST battles like Syracuse vs. Georgetown. Of course, back to football you had the traditional Thanksgiving weekend BIG8 battle between powerhouses Nebraska and Oklahoma.

Then conferences went after big tv money and conference expansion hit. Nebraska is now a mere shadow of its former self now in the Big12? 14? 16?, formerly the BIG10. There still is a BIG EAST but with teams you would not recognize from years ago. Syracuse is in the Atlantic Coast Conference. As for the PAC10, rebranded the PAC12, after this year they will only four teams left.

Is the PAC4(?) going to survive? Highly doubt it. UCLA vs Michigan for the BIG (lost count of the number but it used to be the BIG10) conference championship, just does not sit right with me. Of course, when big money is involved, it is going to get worse, not better. I wonder when Arizona will play Cincinati for what used to be called the BIG8 conference championship. Craziness.

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