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So, Justin Trudeau took his daughter to see Oppenheimer the other night. No one really seems to care that he did. Who should really care what movies Trudeau goes to and with whoever. I guess snowflakes do. The uproar that happened when Trudeau went to see Barbie, with his son, and had a picture taken with his son, afterwards, is proof positive of that. Whoa boy, the reaction. The twitterverse (I can not refer to it as X) has gone nuts. The right-wing side of it anyways. Typical of the comments is the one made by UK tv presenter Piers Morgan,

“so glad I’m not Canadian.”

Really? Well Pierce, I think I speak for most Canadians by saying who really gives a flying f##k what you think.

Right-wingers have been mocking those on the left, for years now, calling left-wingers snowflakes based on their perception that left-wingers are too thin skinned. Like the pot calling the kettle black. Thin skinned? This is from the people who are upset about Disney? Upset over a beer? Upset over books? Upset over freaking Barbie? The right are having conniptions over a doll movie. A doll movie that has made over one billion dollars in movie revenues. Take that, snowflakes.

Don’t believe me. A noted right-wing talking head Ben Shapiro made a YouTube video lasting 43 minutes, after he saw the movie. During the video he set fire to Barbie dolls. Shapiro stated that,

“This movie is not just a piece of s***. This movie is a flaming piece of dogs***, piled atop an entire dumpster on fire, piled atop a landfill filled with dogs***.”

Like, tell us what you really think, Ben. Don’t hold back, now. Snowflakes indeed. I have wasted enough time chirping on this.

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