Trick Or Tweet

With all the revelations coming out about trump the last few days, I have the same feeling that I had as a kid getting delicious treats door after door on Halloween. First the news of a leaked secret memo outlining plans to overthrow the election using fake electors, which would take a while to explain. Then, the news coming out that Jack ‘Wolverine’ Smith has obtained access to Trump’s Twitter account.

A key issue for Smith is to show Trump’s state of mind in the months leading up to and following January 6. Did he know that he lost the election? Did he plan for overturning the election results even before the election occurred.?

A little background, first. Smith asked for Trump’s twitter account records back, early this year. This was in the midst of right-winger, Elon Musk, taking over twitter. Smith not only asked for the records, but he also demanded that Musk not tell Trump, that he was requesting the records. Musk kept on delaying providing the records, partially because he was upset that he could not tell trump that this action was occurring. Musk’s delay in handing over the records resulted in Twitter being fined $350,000. The records have now been released to Smith.

So why this pursuit of Trump’s twitter account? Anything Trump posted on Twitter is immediately available to the public. But his Direct Messages (DM’s) to his compatriots, his co-conspirators, his allies, are not. Smith now has those messages. Think of this. Smith now has records of DM’s sent and received by Trump of everybody leading up to January 6. This includes people like Rudy, Roger Stone, John Eastman and congress people like Jim (gym) Jordan.

Trump, of course, has gone ballistic over this news. He is scared and he should. But he is not the only one scared now. Anyone, who DMed Trump during this time period could be implicated, relating to their involvement in January 6. This is like Halloween and Christmas combined.

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