Just One Game

Attribution to Dave Hogg

Sometimes, you just got to laugh. I am an unabashed Detroit Lions fan. I have been for more years than I care to say. Anyone who is a Detroit Lions fan understands the pain of having been a fan of the Lions. The last time they won a playoff game was back in thr last century, 32 years ago, when they slaughtered Dallas, only to be slaughtered by Washington the following week.

The Lions are within the North Division of the National Football Conference. Preseason week one has just been completed. Three of the teams, including the Lions, won their preseason opener. Only the Minnesota Vikings lost. You go through the Face Book fan pages, and you see the following predictions. Jordan Love, quarterback replacement for Aaron Rodgers went 7 for 10 in passing against the 2nd and 3rd stringers on the Bengals. But he is going to be the MVP of the NFL this year. Justin Fields went 3 for 3 against the Titans and the Bears are gonna win the Super Bowl, hands down.

For us Lions fans. We beat the Giants with our third and fourth string quarterbacks. So what. Back in 2008 we were undefeated in the preseason, only to go winless in the regular season. The Lions were that bad. But Lions fans are so used to losing that many of them came down hard on our number one draft pick from last year. Many of them, after Jameson Williams had a so-so game in his NFL preseason game every are calling his draft pick wasted. Many Lions fans are already putting him in the same boat as Charlie Rogers.

For goodness sakes, Bear fans, Packer fans, Lions fans it was only one preseason game. Give it a freaking break?

As for myself, given how the Lions finished last year. Given, also, all the hype about the lions, throughout the NFL, I think the Lions could actually go far in the playoffs, this year and years to come. I am a fan. Am I gonna say otherwise?

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