Last Friday, Judge Chutkan issued a Protective Order and indicated that she would not tolerate a carnival atmosphere. She noted that Trump has used social media to intimidate, and she would not tolerate it. She warned Team Trump about his inflammatory statements and stated that,

“What the effects of my order are on a political campaign are not going to influence my decision. This is a criminal trial. The more a party makes inflammatory statements about this case which could taint the jury pool or intimidate potential witnesses, the greater the urgency will be that we proceed to trial to ensure a jury pool from which we can select an impartial jury.”

Now, she issued this order to a man who is 77 years old and has gotten his own way, with impunity, for all his life. So, what does Trump do? On Sunday he went after Jack Smith.

“How dare lowlife prosecutor, Deranged Jack Smith, break into my former Twitter account without informing me and, indeed, trying to completely hide this atrocity from me.”

That was just one of a number of posts by Trump on Smith. He did not stop there though. He went after Judge Chutkan, also.

“Judge Tanya Chutkan—an Obama leftwing activist judge in DC, whose husband also got appointed by Obama as a DC judge—openly admitted she’s running election interference against Trump.”

A lie of course. Trump also attached a picture, of Chutkan, with that post.

Trump did not stop there.

“She obviously wants me behind bars. VERY BIASED & UNFAIR.”

But this spoiled brat may have gone too far with his Sunday tirade. Neal Katyal, former US Acting Solicitor General tweeted,

“It would not surprise me if Judge Chutkan called a hearing, with Trump’s presence, given his new remarks.”

It could get even worse. Former Pentagon Special Counsel, Ryan Goodman, tweeted,

“If the judge rules that Trump violated the protective order, the former president could be found in contempt of court and face a fine or possible jail time.”

I think we have all had enough of this man-child’s incessant rants. Just gag him already or throw his whiny ass in jail.

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