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Attribution to Gage Skidmore from Surprise, Arizona

The Georgia indictment is out A total 19 people have been indicted and there are a flock of unindicted co-conspirators, who, sooner or later, may be indicted. The people indicted include Trump, Rudy, Sydney, Eastman and a host of others.

Trump with his indictments, up until now, has amassed a huge amount of legal fees, topping $40 million. It is questionable whether he has paid any of these fees himself. Instead, he has relied on donations from his Trumpkins.

Regardless, there is no way that he can afford to pay the legal fees of all those indicted in the Georgia case. This presents a dilemma for Trump and hard decisions for the other 18.

Take Rudy for example. He has been besieged with legal fees and sanctions relating to his work for Trump. His living style and his fees have forced him to put his $6.5 million New York city apartment for sale. In other words, Rudy is broke. So how is he going to pay for the legal fees related to this case. the other 17 defendants face the same problem. With no guarantee that they will get any funds from Trump, how are they going to pay for their legal fees. Some may have the financial resources to pay the fees, many will not.

One option they have, to reduce the fees, that they will incur, is to flip and testify against Trump. All it could take is one lower tier person to provide state’s evidence to a middle tier person who in turn would turn state’s evidence on Trump. Trump knows this. Maybe he might have to start digging into his own monies to provide lawyers for all 19 people indicted, including himself. Another concern to make his head explode.

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