Gag Him

Two disturbing news stories yesterday that strongly suggests that Donald Trump has to have some type of gag order applied against him.

The first story concerns the arrest of Abigail Jo Shry for issuing death threats on Judge Tanya Chutkan, the judge who will be presiding over Trump’s January 6 case. Shry will be held in jail until September 13, when a bond hearing will be held. The following is part of Shry’s phone message to the judge, made on August 5.

“If Trump doesn’t get elected in 2024, we are coming to kill you, so tread lightly, b*tch. You are in our sights, we want to kill you.”

She also called the judge,

 “stupid slave n***er”

Here is the thing though. The judge has been put into the limelight. Resources will be available to provide her with security. It is a sad statement of what is occurring, but this does kind of go with the territory. Her life is changed, but, the judge kind of knew this, going in.

The second story is far more disturbing because it involves people in ordinary walks of life who do not have the financial resources to get the security that Judge Chutkan will have. Names, photos and addresses of the Georgia case grand jury members are now being circulated on far-right websites. According to one analyst,

“Many of the platforms where these discussions are taking place have a long history of being linked to violent extremism, including a slate of mass shootings and politically-motivated acts of violence like the Capitol insurrection.”

This is a life altering moment for each and every grand juror now. Just look at the example of Ruby Freeman and her daughter, who was wrongfully targeted by Trump, on national tv of committing election fraud. There lives have not been the same since

Trump has been on a Truth Social rampage over the last while. The rampage has increased in vitriol since the January 6 indictment and now the Georgia indictment. This is happening even though Judge Chutkan issued a Protective Order limiting what Trump could say. Trump’s unhinged rants are putting people in danger, plain and simple. At the very least he should not be allowed to use cell phones. If he is not gagged now, someone will die.

What Trump is doing now is akin to someone in a crowded movie theatre shouting out ‘Fire!”. This has to stop right now.

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