Attribution to Andrei Niemimaki from Turku, Finland

Just a short chirp today There will be a GOP debate this Wednesday, on Fox entertainment. Nine people have qualified for the debate, so far. However, one of them will not be showing up. That of course is Donald Trump. He will have an interview with Tucker Carlson, at the same time as the debate is occurring. Tucker, of course, has cost Fox a boatload of money lately with the Dominion lawsuit payment, amongst others. Now, Tucker is trying to get a foothold on the social media site previously known as Twitter. Tucker hates Donald, but he knows a good thing when he sees one.

So, Donald’s ears will, no doubt, be burning during his interview, while he is being attacked by the contenders on the Fox debate stage. It will be interesting to see how those contenders turn into pretzels while attacking Trump. Some, like Chris Christie, won’t be holding back. Others, like Ron DeSantis, who has been doing a Trump lite routine will be twisting himself up.

Meanwhile, Trump says he might be skipping future debates, as well. If the messages of the other contenders make their mark on Trump, during the debate, Trump may well change his mind. Right now, though, Trump is being hit with the labels coward and chicken.

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