This is Miles Taylow. He served in both the George Bush and Donald Trump administrations. He served as both Deputy Chief of Staff and then Chief of Staff, while working at the Departnment of Homeland Security (DHS). He was Deputy Chief of Staff under John Kelly before Kelly to serve as White House Chief of Staff. Taylor served as Chief of Staff under Kirstjen Nielsen, before she left.

Taylor is best known, for having authored a New York Times op-ed, back in September 2018, entitled

I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration

the article was published under the name ‘Anonymous’. Trump spent two frustrating years trying to find out who ‘Anonymous’ was until Taylor revealred himself in late 2020. Sickened by Trump’s actions including guaranteeing pardons to DHS staff undertaking criminalk activities to stop illegal aliens, from crossing the southern border, Taylor resigned, in 2019.

Taylor, authored a book entitled ‘Blowback’ which was released in July 2023. The book goes into detail about his time in the Trump administration. It details efforts by him, in collaboration with other Trump staff, to keep Trump from acting on his darkest impulses, such as building a moat, filled with alligators and snakes, across the entire southern border. Some impulses, Trump could not be stopped such as the policy that resulted in children being seperated from their parents.

Taylor also goes into future dangers of Trumpism. He clarifies that it does not have to be Trump, but, it could be someone who emulates him. One example, Taylor provides, is a future cabinet filled with yes men loyal to the ideal of Trumpism. He mentions the possibility of Stephen Miller being head of DHS and Michael Flynn being back. Taylor mentions that Trumpism is already infiltrating government at local and state levels, as well as in Congress.

If Taylor wanted to frighten, he has achieved his goal. Check it out. ‘Blowback’.

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