My Hometown

Sourced From Anti-Defamation League website

This lady is Romana Didulo. She is a QAnon figure. She claims to be the Queen of Canada. She has called online for violent action against those who have administered COVID vaccines to children. She has also called for the execution of healthcare workers and politicians. Romana has issued decrees cancelling certain debts. This has resulted in some of her followers having their electricity and water cut off. She has handed play money saying that the currency was valid. Some of her followers have been arrested for issuing threats against schools and businesses. Romana, who is 67, was arrested for trying to arrest a police officer. The mayor of the town, wheree that happened, issued the following tweet that went viral.

“F**k off, you f***wads”

Why am I even chirping about her? She visited the town where I was born and grew up in. She had a small ‘rally’ in a fenced in property on the East side of town, recently. Her press secretary said the following,

“We’re having a meet and greet … its by invitation only … The Kingdom of Canada”

The local media requested interviews and were denied. The media was not allowed on site. Photographs of the media were taken by Didulo supporters while the media themselves were not to take pictures. Didulo usually has around 20 to 40 people attending these events.

Hopefully she leaves or has already left the town quietly. Seems that no town is immunu to these loons, even my hometown.

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  1. So true, don’t understand what is happening!!!

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