Fox Is Disgusting

Sourced from SFGATE website – KCRA/Courtesy

One would think Fox entertainment would learn about broadcasting false stories, especially after paying nearly one billion dollars to Dominion. But nope. This is Marine Corps Sgt. Nicole Green. She was killed in Afghanistan, in 2021, during the US pullout. Fox’s website had the following headline, on July 25, of this year.

“Family forced to pay to ship body of Marine killed after Pentagon policy change: ‘Egregious injustice.’”

One small discrepancy in the story was that it was absolutely false. The main body of the story contained the following,

“The Gee family was able to secure the funding, which came to ‘a staggering $60,000,’ to move their loved one’s body after a nonprofit organization stepped in to cover the cost.” 

The article said the story was sourced from Republican Florida Congressman Cory Mills. The Marine Corps followed up on the story and verified that the story was not true. they made Fox aware of it.

“Using the grief of a family member of a fallen Marine to score cheap clickbait points is disgusting.”

Fox, in Trump-like manner, revised the headline, as follows,

“Family shouldered burden to transport body of Marine killed in Afghanistan, GOP Rep says.” 

Fox did not apologize, nor did they retract the story. They just shifted the focus of the story. This was not good enough for the Marine Corps. they wanted a retraction.

“This headline correction is still misleading and your story is still false.” 

Then, suddenly, POOF, the story is gone from the Fox website. No apology at all. Just gone. Asa for Cory Mills. He did mention this on his website.

“I understand the family of Sgt. Nicole Gee was, in their time of grief, confused regarding the transportation proceedings. I am thankful that Honoring Our Fallen was able to assist the family and that the [Department of Defense] was able to provide clarification on this matter.”

Notice how he shifted the blame, without apology? These people sicken me.

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