Just Another Bad Day

Sourced from CNN Website – Fulton County Sheriff’s Office

In a string of bad days, Trump had another one on Monday. first of all, there was a hearing in Georgia where Mark Meadows was trying to get his case moved to Federal Court, instead of State Court. Meadows decided to testify, in order to convince the Judge that all his actions, relating to Georgia, was performed within his role as Chief of Staff. It did not go too well.

“Having open questions [about the election] continued to be a roadblock for initiating other plans. I just needed to land the plane.”

Sure, Mark. During the ‘Perfect Call’, Meadows told Georgia officials,

“There are allegations where we believe that not every vote or fair vote and legal vote was counted.”

We? Ok. Meadows claimed repeatedly that he did not know about the Trump campaign’s efforts to contest election results. When asked to explain why he visited an Atlanta facility where election results were being audited, Meadows pretty well said that he was in the area and decided to drop by. I will just leave it there.

The second hearing was in Washington where the Trump team was asking that the January 6 trial be delayed until 2026, preferably in a galaxy far, far away. Judge Chutkan set a trial date of March 4, 2024, saying that the date was set in order to ensure,

 “the public’s interest in seeing this case resolved in a timely manner.”

Trump attorney John Lauro, exploded with this decision.

“Never in the history of the United States have we seen a case of this magnitude go to trial in four months. This man’s liberty and life is at stake and he deserves an adequate representation. He is no different than any American.”

Chutkan responded, as follows,

“Mr. Lauro, as I said, let’s take the temperature down. (Trump has) considerable resources that every criminal defendant does not usually have…you’re not going to get two more years. This is not going to trial in 2026.”

Chutkan was frustrated by the fact that she offered Lauro to provide more reasonable dates for the trial to begin, but, Lauro refused to budge from his 2026 date.

Trump reacted on Truth Social, in his usual manner.

“Today a biased, Trump Hating Judge gave me only a two month extension, just what our corrupt government wanted, SUPER TUESDAY. I will APPEAL!”

The thing is, the Trump team may try to appeal the date, but it will most likely fail.

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