Stock Up On Popcorn

Attribution to Tony webster from Minnieapolis, Minnesota

Fulton County, Georgia, Judge Scott McAfee has given the green light to televised proceedings of the Georgia fake electors trial, which could begin as early as October 23. Given that a number of defendants are asking to ‘sever’ their case from other co-defendants, there could be end-to-end coverage of this case until possibly into 2025.

This is important for democracy for one key reason. Everyone will be able to see the trial(s) live. If the trial was not televised a white is black scenario would unfold. As an example, let’s use MSNBG and Fox entertainment. With an untelevised trial, you would see Rachel Maddow and Sean Hannity present two complete polar opposites as to how trial proceedings unfolded for that day. If Trump testified you would see Maddow saying Trump crashed and burned while Hannity would be describing the fantastic job that Trump did on the stand. With a televised trial, you could very well see the same thing from Maddow and Hannity. But viewers would have had the benefit of seeing the actual proceedings thus being able to make their own interpretation before hearing Maddow’s and Hannity’s interpretation of events. Viewers would also see the video highlights of the proceedings rather than an artist’s drawings.

Currently, federal court cases are prohibited from being televised. Hopefully this changes prior to the January 6 case and the Mar-a-Lago documents case. Enjoy the weekend.

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