One Horrid Week

Sourced from CNN Website – Fulton County Sheriff’s Office

The following was sourced from a Twitter user, under the handle Jack E Smith. This ALL happened in one week. As mentioned in the bottom of Smith’s tweet, Monday was a holiday.

Enrique Tarrio – 22 years Alabama court strikes down gerrymandered district maps. Peter Navarro – Green Bay swept. Ken Paxton impeachment in TX. MaL Docs case: Taveras flips NY Fraud case: Trump loses appeal to delay. Sanctions pending. E. Jean Carroll wins her 2nd defamation suit against the sex pest. DC Grand Jury back in session. GA RICO: Cheese and Kraken go together on Oct 23rd. John Eastman disbarment hearing. Fani Willis stuffs Jim Jordan in a locker. 14th amendment disqualification vs. Trump filed in Colorado Mark Meadows loses appeal to change jurisdiction. (Monday was a holiday)

I cannot summarize Trump’s horrible week better than how Smith did above. Trump has got to be tearing what hair he has left. Next week his Truth Social posts will go further into the derangement twilight zone.

Enjoy your Saturday.

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